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Belatedly, my favourite presentation from Doctors 2.0 and You

Social Media in Healthcare, just another hype?
Presentation by Lucien Engelen – Director Radboud REshape & Innovation Center. – NL (@Zorg20)

Lucien Engelen Keynote Doctors 2.0

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When is digital strategy not digital strategy?

I want to pick up a bit more on the closing remark from my DigiPharm Europe 2010 posts. If you recall, I said:

To survive in this landscape, Pharma must make inroads into developing a digital strategy – and by that I mean integrate your digital tactics into your overall strategic plan, and at the same time, generate and maintain internal buy-in by developing a corporate digital strategy that integrates digital into the fabric of your organization’s culture and operations.

Although I work on the agency side myself, this is something that I face every day – My agency is full-service, so we integrate strategy with digital as well as traditional medical communications and we employ a range of highly skilled staff to satisfy that requirement, so there can be a challenge of enlightenment with regards to the uses of digital as a means to communicate with some people internally. Its a balancing act, and there is always resistance from those who don’t see the value of these channels or those who are set in their ways, unwilling or unable to move from their comfort zones. I approach these individuals with a mix of elucidation (e.g. demystifying microblogging), training (e.g. the concept of information architecture and the process of designing and developing a web project), encouragement (setting up a LinkedIn profile is a start) and information (circulating good examples of digital communication); all mixed in with the ol’ Jacobs Charm(tm).

For Pharma, the challenge is greater, as we have to layer on the regulatory and legal aspects (not to mention the challenge made by the boundaries of geography, where regulatory jurisdiction hinders us at every step!). For Pharma marketers wanting take advantage of the rich digital opportunities out there, it can be a daunting and frustrating task. However, with a bit of perseverance and the right inclusive and encouraging approach, it is achievable even in the most conservative of companies to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.

As a strategic thinker, its important to consider digital in your corporate, franchise and brand strategy, but I want to make absolutely clear that the phrase ‘digital strategy’ is a misnomer when it comes to a communications plan. When we consider the use of digital channels or tactics, we must also remain mindful that these are tools within the communications plan to serve the strategy, and not to replace the strategy. Pharma marketers need to be very clear that using a digital tactic will achieve those strategic imperatives. We all love iPhones, gadgetry, social media, interactive games and multimedia – but we must also make sure we take a step back and think – will this suit our needs? Or will we be better off with a simple or traditional print tactic?

Still having trouble? There are loads of great agencies out there who can help. Get a recommendation, throw a stone or ask me.

Inspirations and aspirations

I’d hate to misrepresent myself on this blog. To be clear, I’ve been working in the medical communications/education industry for nine years – which is (just about) enough time to understand the industry, the challenges those in the industry face, and the pitfalls/opportunities a brand may encounter.

I also have an eclectic mix of experience in terms of disciplines, ranging from print creative, editorial, client services and now digital (I’ve been in my digital-specific role for exactly three months and one week).

What am I getting at here? although I have delivered many digital tactics throughout my career, I can categorically say that I have learned more about the digital space in those three months than the rest of the eight years and seven months put together.

Much of this has been through the support systems at my workplace (we have a great digital strategist in our Group who I go to for advice and chat to every week), but other than my own passion and drive for all things digital, mobile and social, I have found that there is a brilliant community of experts out in internetland who are leading the field. These people very much inspire me to lofty aspirations – to grow as a digital specialist, to try my damnedest in the search for innovation, engagement and, most importantly, to understand the digital space, how it works, how we manoeuvre in it and how it can reap rewards on so many levels for all stakeholders in this industry: patients, healthcare providers, pharma companies, medical societies, charities, health authorities, agencies and individuals.

So thank you to all those who share their knowledge, advice and opinions. I’d like to list out here some of these people, many of whose blogs I have been an avid reader for a long while:

Jonathan Richman (@jonmrichman) – Dose of Digital (and thanks Jonathan for pointing me towards a reference for some stats I was having trouble backing up)
John Mack (@pharmaguy) – Pharma Marketing Blog
Wendy Blackburn (@WendyBlackburn) – epharma Rx
Andrew Spong (@andrewspong) – STweM
Schwen Gwee (@schwen) – (glad to see you updating the blog again!)
Plus many, many others!

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